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What if you could learn, experiment, create, invent and be a changemaker within the same four walls, under the same roof – collaboratively? A space dedicated to food. Bring your food business idea to test [The Incubator], learn and create new dishes [Masterclasses], enjoy an immersive dining experience [Supperclub] and be inspired by innovators, creators and change makers within the realm of food – while having a fika [Café]

Our story began with a simple desire: to create a space where people can go not just to have a meal but also to feel part of a community and its story, and establish a deeper connection and relationship with food as well as each other. Hence the idea for this creative hub was born.

Essentially what we are is “holistic gastronomers”! We are interested in all aspects of food; we believe that food is not just recipes and cooking but agriculture, physics, biology, chemistry, history, economy, politics and ecology. If we adapt this vision of gastronomy, our relationships with food and each other changes.

We needed a space where we could provide a holistic gastronomic experience. After numerous successful 1:1 collaborations, we still felt there was a lack of real synergy — the idea for Co:Lab was born.

A space to experiment (Lab Kitchen), test out your new ideas for a food business (The Incubator), learn more about creating interesting dishes (Co:Lab Masterclasses), attend a cool dining event (pop-ups/supperclubs) or simply pop in to enjoy a fika with a friend or perhaps a complete stranger!


A great dining experience is about more than just the food. My childhood memories are defined by my flavour, family and dining together, and whilst my tastes have evolved and my technical skills have grown, this sense of community still defines my approach to food.

And here’s the fun part. Before I started my cooking career I was just a little science geek.  So much so that I pursued a degree in engineering until, one day, my true calling came knocking at the door. I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu and went on to chef at some of the world’s finest restaurants led by Michelin starred chefs, including Fat DuckLe GavrocheGalvin @ Windows.

Pedro Passinhas is about creating amazing food events that engage all the senses and put the diners center stage.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Thank you for being here with us on the journey.